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Home and Garden Pest Control is dedicated to the beautification of landscapes and protection of your home from invading insects.


Our Once a Year treatment plan is designed to protect you and your home from insects all year long.

Wall void treatments and attic dusting are used in our once a yearly program to give you that long lasting protection against the smallest ants to the largest cockroaches. When applied inside the walls the treatment goes undisturbed from the customer washing it away or being contaminated with an aerosol or something else. This is where the breeding source of a lot of pest problems exist.  The great thing is this treatment has very low odor and is not likely to harm pets or affect people. Most people do not even know it has been applied when we are done. The way that we do this is remove your switch and outlet plates and apply inside the walls via the junction box placement on the wall. In roach infestation problems we may apply a small amount of get to the back of the plate out of your site and way. This treatment is applied in the attic also. You may think this is a lot of work and may take a while but our goal is to design a system that will last all year for you so that means less visits from the bugs. Call for pricing.