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Control of Dollarweed

No relation to False Pennywort, the wetland plant Hydrocotyle umbellata L. (Water Pennywort or Marsh Pennywort) is in the Ivy Family, which of course is not in the same family as Poison Ivy. Marsh Pennywort is also referred to as "Dollarweed" by the agricultural chemical industry. The Dollarweed moniker is something of a board room joke about the inexhaustible market for an herbicide designed to temporarily eradicate plants which will return nevertheless. Product use recommendations for chemical control of Dollarweed generally call for an eternal program of applications at least once or twice a year.

In landscaped areas, Marsh Pennywort can be an indicator of water main leaks or drainfield problems, but more hopefully of sprinklers which are broken or leaking and where sprinkler radii are not adjusted for proper overlapping, but are providing too much coverage in one place. Then repairs and adjustments to the system with refinement of the irrigation volume and intervals will effectively eliminate Marsh Pennywort. Sometimes a landscape site has been designated on a compacted rock base covered with muck. Assuredly, owners of these problem areas will find Marsh Pennywort will always be present at least sporadically, unless the heroic measures of a trench drain, soil structure improvements and carefully refined irrigation practices are employed.